About Me

I have 10 years of experience in high energy particle physics at CERN, Switzerland, University of Helsinki, Finland, and Argonne National Laboratory, USA; followed by 25 years in the corporate world at Nokia (formerly AT&T) Bell Labs , USA, Motorola (Cellular Division) , and a successful start-up company in Florida, USA. The corporate experiences included project management, software engineering, and senior and executive management. I have worked closely with System Dynamics consultants trained at MIT to help control the delivery and staffing over-runs for a large software project. This generated the idea that a deterministic theory of decisions could apply not only to software projects but more generally to any field of human endeavor in which decisions play a significant role. The key was to tie this idea to a theoretical foundation, which experience in particle physics provided. These ideas have been expanded in two books, the latest entitled Geometry, Language and Strategy: The Dynamics of Decision Processes, Vol. 2.


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