White Papers

Many of the concepts of decision process theory require a technical background in mathematics, geometry and physics. For readers not familiar with this technical background, I provide a number of resources. The first is a text-book and reference on the subject for the uninitiated, based on Geometry, Language and Strategy, Thomas, 2006, World Scientific (New York). The second is a series of white papers under the heading “The dynamics of decision processes” that can be found on this website. Third is Thomas, Geometry, Language and Strategy–Vol. 2 Dynamic Decision Processes (World Scientific, 2016), which is a self-contained expansion of these white papers on “the dynamics”:


Finally, there is an ongoing series of white papers expanding different aspects of these ideas. The ongoing series of papers address applications and enter the domain of philosophy and economics, including such areas of game theory. They will include new ideas that stem from Vol. 2. Some of these contributions will be Wolfram Mathematica notebooks and some will be interactive CDF (Computable Document Format) files using the free CDF Reader http://www.wolfram.com/cdf/. I feel that the visual nature of these examples and applications is a helpful if not essential step in bringing these concepts to life. To navigate to specific papers, use the site directory on the right.